Dreams really do come true


“Dreams really do come true”

Why did I choose that quote? Because it’s totally fitting for me right now…
I’m in Sydney for the MovNat level 1 trainer certification course. And it’s literally a massive dream come true!

I’ve wanted to become a MovNat trainer for a long time, ever since I first become a fan of the movement (pardon the pun!) and now I’m actually achieving that goal! I’m stoked!

To get to this point wasn’t easy. Seeing the course was coming to Australia and not having any money to be able to afford it was heart breaking. Primal Influence is my passion. It’s my lifestyle extended into a business because it’s what I want to do every single day. But it’s a very slow process building it up and creating income from it. Hence the lack of funds for courses and things like that.

I’m a pretty stubborn and determined bloke though. When I get an idea in my head it takes a fair bit for me to change my mind about it. When I decided I was going to do the MovNat course, I knew I didn’t need to know just how it was going to happen, I just had to find a way!

I’d seen ‘crowd funding’ on tellie and the internet and had an idea to create my own version for the goal of getting to Sydney for this course.

You think not having money for the course was hard? Try asking the public to GIVE me money for it! That was hard!

But I did it. I put it out there and asked everyone I knew, all of our social media followers and our meetup group members to donate to my cause. Not purely for the reason of it being a benefit to the business therefore a benefit to me financially. But also because of what I want to use it for in the future. I hope to work with kids and charities and do some really great things for the community, and that can’t happen without some particular skills and qualifications behind me.

When I put the call out there I had a thought that maybe it wouldn’t happen. So did Aimee, she had her doubts. But overall, underneath, in the back of my mind, deep down in my heart… I believed it would happen.    And that’s why it did!

Thanks to many of you, I’m achieving this dream right now! And I’m so excited for what the future will bring after this weekend!

Stay tuned for details of events and happenings – it’s all going to be awesome!

And go for your dreams, cos they really can come true!



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