How ’bout some puddin’, puddin’?!

Healthy Paleo pudding that is!

I realised this morning all of my avocados have ripened at the same time, leaving me with 8 small avocados to find something to do with! Some people describe this sort of recipe as “mousse” but if there’s no abundance of air bubbles then is it truly mousse? I think not! Let’s be honest, it’s more like pudding really.

And that’s ok! Chocolate pudding is rich and delicious. And by swapping some potentially inflammatory standard ingredients over for healthier versions, it can end up being quite nourishing.

Yum and healthy? Who doesn’t want a combination like that?!

Here’s the recipe for you…





Grab these:

2 large ripe avocados or 4 small

1-2 tbsp raw honey or pure Grade B maple syrup (or stevia for sugar-free)

2 tbsp pure organic cocoa powder (Organic Times is my fave brand)

1/2 cup filtered/spring water or pure coconut milk/cream (Ayam is my fave brand)

Optional: pure vanilla or peppermint essence, fresh berries or fruit to garnish, pure grass-fed beef collagen (gelatin hydrolysed) powder to add easily-digestible healthy protein (available here)


Now do this:

  1. Cut and de-seed the avocados, spoon out the flesh into a food processor, or stick blender jug, or awesome high-speed blender or in a bowl if using a hand mixer.
  2. Add the cocoa, sweetener, coconut milk, honey and flavouring.
  3. Blitz on high speed until no lumps remain. Strain through a sieve if needed.
  4. Once well combined, transfer to serving bowls and top with berries or fruit to garnish then serve.
  5. Be sure to refrigerate any leftover in an airtight container but keep in mind the surface may dry and darken slightly because of the avocado.


How easy is that?! I love the richness and the versatility as well because you can use as little or as much cocoa and sweetener to suit your personal tastes. Yay!


Why is this ‘healthy’ you ask? Lotsa reasons!

1. If you use grass-fed gelatin it’s awesome for joint and gut health (+ heaps more)!

2. Pure cocoa has no nasties and can  be easier on digestion than raw cacao

3. There’s zero, zip and zilch crappy refined sugars in this. Just beautiful raw honey with all it’s amazing nutrients in tact

4. Avocado is one of the Good Guys in terms of fats!

That should be enough reasons for you. If not, then you’re pretty hard to please aren’t ya?! 😉


So go ahead and enjoy this decadent dessert with no guilt attached. You deserve it.





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