We’re super duper excited to announce our first big event! We’re teaming up with the lovely Crystal Fieldhouse from Eat. Sleep. Move., The Primal Shift podcast and creator of Ecology Skincare to present ‘Healthier Skin – The Paleo Way’ – the first event of it’s kind on the Sunshine Coast! We’d love to invite you, your family, friends, colleagues, strangers you meet on the street, to….

Paleo skincare 2

So why are we holding this event anyway?! Because having healthy clear skin feels good and everyone deserves to be happy and confident with how their skin looks! Healthy skin is a sign of good gut health and a happy, healthy lifestyle. Who likes walking around in public being conscious of their acne? Or covering up with makeup? Or trying different lotions and potions to fix skin problems? No one! We believe you can achieve healthier skin with some simple paleo principles! Clint’s own skin has improved since going 90% paleo almost 2 years ago whereas mine still has some improvement but is definitely better than it was. I’m certainly looking forward to learning some more ways I can help my skin become clearer and I know many other females in their 30’s and 40’s who would also benefit.

We’ve been using Ecology Skincare products lately and can honestly say we absolutely love them! I’m addicted to the Day and Night Cream – it smells divine and it feels better on my skin than any other product or natural DIY concoction. It is certainly complimenting all of the other aspects of my life in regard to general and skin health. Clint’s been using a fragrance-free cream on a couple of dry patches on his face under that caveman beard of his, which seem to have appeared since the weather got dry. The dryness is definitely improving which is great! Basically Crystal is pretty darn switched on and knowledgeable on all things natural/Paleo skin health which will compliment Clint’s knowledge on the Paleo lifestyle and will make sure an educational and interesting talk! We really can’t wait for this event and are excited to see tickets selling within just 24 hours of the tickets being available!

There are currently 15 Early Bird tickets left at $26.

Each attendee will receive a FREE goody bag and a chance to win the Lucky Door Prize!

We’re putting the goody bag items together now, and will keep you guys updated via Facebook of what awesome pressies will be included!

We’ll also have some great healthy products for purchase on the night. Every person attending will receive a take-home pack and info on how to start implementing ‘healthy skin actions’ into their day.

Paleo Skincare event small1

We hope you can come along for a great night!



5 things I’m grateful for:

1. Keith Urban concert last night – absolutely amazing!

2. Picking fresh sweet Aussie raspberries from our bush every day

3. Catching up with Leah from Brisbane Paleo today in the city

4. Chocolate

5. Sunshine on my skin



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