I’m a DIY junkie

You could easily nickname me ‘DIY Aimee’ or something similar. It dawned on me recently that I spend a lot of time experimenting with natural remedies and concoctions at home, and that I really enjoy it!

Well, I enjoy the successful attempts far more than the that-sucked-so-I’m-never-making-that-again attempts! But all in all, more often than not, it’s fun and rewarding to get your DIY on and make really cool things at home.

Having nifty little gadgets around the house helps. I have a dehydrator, 2 slow cookers, 2 types of veggie slicers and a high speed blender. These mixed with the typical household appliances make for lots of adventures in the kitchen and beyond!

Take yesterday for example. I’d run out of my last DIY natural shampoo alternative which was coconut milk blended with aloe vera gel, frozen into ice cubes, and using 1-2 cubes thawed and rubbed into my scalp and hair once a week or so. I realised though that my hair never felt nice the whole time I was using that particular ‘no poo’ method.

I’d originally found it via a Google search and read it’s meant to be a pH-balancing mixture. The amount I made lasted… gosh, I don’t even know, at least 6 months. And the whole time my hair felt oilier than it should. Body and volume didn’t increase. Really there were no noticeable benefits apart from the fact it was super cheap to make and 100% safe and natural for me and the environment. That’s all very well but I want something that’s going to make my hair feel NICE!



So I know that aloe vera is generally a great cleanser, both inside and outside the body, and I’ve been wanting to try gelatin in my hair, but when Googled how to actually use gelatin as a shampoo all I found was that it’s meant to be added to your current shampoo to 1. help the shampoo go further, and 2. do it’s thang by boosting body, shine, volume etc etc (is there anything gelatin can’t do?!).

Then an idea came to my mind! <cue the light bulb> …

I thought.. why not mix aloe vera with gelatin and see how that goes?! Then I did it! I mixed aloe and gelatin! Together! Weird or what?! I haven’t even Googled it to see if the combo exists or works…! But yknow what? For once I’d like to come up with something cool. A great little recipe that works. That people use and benefit from. That Google didn’t inform me of. I’m hoping this is that time! I’m crossing my fingers, my toes, and even my eyes (ouch, this hurts). You can too if you like! Thanks 🙂

Anyways, all I did was scrape out gel from a handful of plump aloe leaves growing in pots out back. Popped it in the blender. Whizzed for a few seconds until it was all gel-like and no longer chunk-like. Then I poured it into a container. Sprinkled over some grass-fed beef gelatin powder, evenly. Waited 10 mins or so for it to bloom (‘bloom’ is only a new term to me, you’ve probably not even heard of it yet right? It’s a gelatin ‘softening’ process. Here’s a bit of info on it…) then used about one spoonful of the mixture to rub into my hair and scalp while in the shower that night. Keep in mind I have a lot of hair so I’d need more than most!

aloe gelatin

I combed it through and let it then marinate for a few minutes. While I was rinsing it out, I have to say, it felt like a fancy conditioner, it was so soft and nice! Today when I woke up I noticed my hair was still really soft and had more body which is a very good sign! Unlike the effects of all other DIY natural concoctions I’ve tried and used!

We know that eating gelatin is awesome for improving hair health but so many people haven’t heard about how beneficial it is applied directly to the scalp and hair. I like that the combo of aloe and gelatin clean but don’t leave my hair feeling oily or heavy.

So… so far so good! It’s only early days but I have a good feeling about this little experiment and can’t wait to see how my hair responds over the coming weeks. As for how it keeps, I have no idea how it’ll go but I’ll check on it every few days and make note of when it goes ‘off’ so I know how much to make each time as to how long it’ll last and get used.

I’ve been doing some other DIY bits and bobs lately, as usual, but it’s late and I need to pack the dishwasher and head to bed so I’ll leave my other DIY-adventure-blog-post-writing for another day!

If you’d like to get some good quality grass-fed gelatin into you or to use as I am as a shampoo alternative, feel free to join our Great Lakes Gelatin Co-Op! All the deets are here




That’s it for me tonight! But please feel free to comment with any natural shampoo recipes you’ve come up with that have worked, I’d love to hear all about ’em!



5 things I’m grateful for today:

1. My new friends

2. Gelatin

3. Instagram !

4. The paleo world

5. Local farmer’s markets


5 thoughts on “I’m a DIY junkie

    • Awesome! I used a bit last night again, I couldn’t help myself haha, and my hair feels really nice. I’ll give it a few weeks to really test it and then I might make a dissolved gelatin solution blended with the aloe and see how that goes in a spray bottle. Stay tuned! Aimee 🙂

  1. If you add some Rosemary you get so many added hair benefits. Shine, softness, reduces scalp irritation and the wonderful Rosemary aroma to leave you feeling uplifted. 🙂

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