Naturally healthier skin, without spending a fortune, is definitely possible

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I don’t know about you but I actually really care about what goes ON my body and not just what goes inside it! We’re all hearing about how organic food is safer and healthier for us to consume over conventionally-grown food, but it’s definitely not as obvious in mainstream media that organic skincare matters just as much.

I mean, think about it, if you rub a chemical-ridden moisturiser all over your arms and legs, you use chemical shampoo and conditioner, and you cleanse and moisturise your face with chemicals… of course that’s all absorbing into your body and having some affect on your health, how could it not?! It doesn’t just go on, become invisible and stay on the skin’s surface without any absorption, not a chance!

When I started learning about health through nutrition I also got into learning about how what we put on our skin also affects our health. I’m now really careful when I buy commercial products, even the natural and organic varieties can still contain ingredients that aren’t  necessarily healthy. Unfortunately! There’s been a huge increase of  natural and organic skincare products on shelves over the last few months I’ve noticed. And not just in the health food stores but also on supermarket shelves. It’s definitely great to see more natural alternatives available for consumers, but in my opinion there still needs to be a level of caution when purchasing and using any commercial products.

I’ll go a step further and mention that it’s especially important if you’re following Paleo eating guidelines!

Why on earth would that matter?

Because if you’re going to a lot of effort avoiding certain foods in your diet then why would you put them on your skin and them absorb in and still possibly negatively affect your health?!

For example.. many natural varieties of skincare products contain various types of vegetable oils. If we’re not eating certain vegetable oils because we’re passionate about paleo, then putting them on your skin every day kinda doesn’t make sense. But many of us probably don’t think of it that way! Have you?!

I do buy some commercial natural products but I’m actually really into making totally natural and safe blends at home! Then I know exactly what’s in them and what’s going on my skin!

I can’t wait to demo some at our upcoming natural skincare talk ‘Healthier Skin – The Paleo Way’ where we’ll be presenting to Sunny Coasters with Crystal Fieldhouse from Ecology Skincare all about how to achieve naturally healthier skin through lifestyle choices. Crystal and I will do some demos at the end and every guest will get the recipes in their free goody bags! How cool is that?!


Remember the recent post I did about the aloe vera gelatin shampoo I created? Well I’ve adjusted it and I think I’ve mastered the recipe! So I’m excited to talk about that at the event, and show people what the mixture looks like, yay!

So if you live on the Sunny Coast you’re welcome to come along to the talk! It’ll be a really fun and informative event, you’ll definitely take away lots of easy-to-implement steps and new knowledge around natural skincare.

Early bird tickets end tonight! There are limited seats too, so get in quick so you can come and enjoy!


Click here for ticketing!

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