Live a life of excess in moderation

Before you read any further I must let you know the following information is purely based on my thoughts and ideas.  I have conducted no scientific research into what I am writing about.  Since my works are based purely on thoughts and speculation please let me know if you have more knowledge or any different ideas on the subject.  I’d love to see what others think of this idea.  If you think about this stuff at all?!

So… today I sat down and watched a magnificent video (below) of a man climbing a 40 meter tree to gather honey for himself and his family.  This clip was not only awe inspiring, it got me on to the train of thought that I am currently on.

What if the way we’re currently basing our eating on is in fact not ideal for our species? I hear the same comment over and over again when people are talking about food.

“Everything in moderation is ok” they say.


But what if our human ancestors did not in fact eat in moderation? What if they lived a life of excess with certain foods? 

And what I mean by the term ‘moderation’ is… consuming a little bit of something most days. As in, “a teaspoon or two of honey every day is healthy because it’s only a little bit of sugar every day. It’s in moderation” for example.

I refer back to the earlier video of the man getting the honey for himself and his family.  In this instance did he display eating honey in moderation? Or did he enjoy as much honey as he could handle (or in ‘excess’)? He worked so damn hard to climb to such a height do you think he only took a little bit, or a lot?  I believe he would of more than likely taken just enough to not only sustain himself and his family but also to ensure the survival of the bee colony. I doubt he would have taken it all and left none.

What about when a small tribe of hunters that brings down a beast?  Do they only eat a little bit of meat? Or do they eat and eat in order to sustain themselves for as long as possible and to ensure that they don’t waste any valuable meat?  Back then I imagine meat would have gone rancid pretty quickly so keeping it for long periods of time was probably not have been an option.  Not to mention the smell of a fresh kill would have woken any animal with a healthy sense of smell.

Or what about the tribes that lived on rivers or lakes where massive amounts of fish and other sea animals would congregate for a short period of time.  Would they display moderation when catching dinner or again would they eat to excess?

So using this idea of excess do we go back to how it once was?  Instead of having a plate with meat and 5 different types of veg, how bout we spend the whole day just eating meat, or the whole day just eating fish, or the whole day eating a couple types of vegetable or even nothing at all! Basically spending a whole day eating something that would have been naturally available to us without all the quick and easy options from the supermarket.


Maybe our ancestors are like this not by choice, but more so due to their circumstances. Maybe they didn’t end up killing that beast they were hunting all day. Or the fruits and veg they were consuming ended their season. Maybe they were simply eating what was available to them when it was available.

If we adopted this life of excess in moderation and followed this type of eating pattern (meat all day once or twice a week, fruit and veg all day once or twice a week and a day or 2 with minimal foods), what would the effect on us be?  Would it help our digestion? Would it help our gut bacteria? Or would it hinder us in life?

With how we eat now, is our digestion able to really handle the plethora of food and nutrients we’re consuming at each meal?

I’m not naive to the fact that times have changed a lot since this ancient time I’m referring to, but have humans really changed that much, physiologically speaking?

Maybe we not only need to change our eating patterns, maybe we need to include more game meat in our diet and move away from the commercially-produced products like Stuart from Tengeri Natural Fitness has written about here.

bow arrow

What is the answer??? I really don’t know! I just wanted to put it out there as it’s been on my mind a lot lately. I’m always questioning and wondering. I’d love to hear your thoughts.



5 things I’m grateful for today are:

1. Yesterday’s walk in Buderim Forest Park

2. A new playground I found to hang, swing and climb in

3. Being able to support great local businesses

4. Abundance of healthy food available to me

5. Getting better at handstands!

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