Wash your mouth out with soap… literally!

Some of you will have heard us talk about how we use soap as toothpaste. For those of you who haven’t heard this before you’ll be saying “Soap, wtf?!” and yes, it’s true!

It sounds really weird, I know. But we absolutely love it!


We use coconut oil soap to brush our teeth with twice a day. We started about 1.5 years ago when Clint had been to the dentist to check what was going on with his teeth after what he thought was a huge chunk of tooth chipped off one night. Turned out it was actually plaque build-up! Yuck!
Being more into natural health and everything, he wasn’t too keen to follow the dentists suggestions of how to fix it conventionally and remove the remaining plaque. So he did some research on natural alternatives and came across using olive oil or coconut oil soap.

The next day we went to the health food store and grabbed a bar of Banaban pure coconut oil soap and started using it that day. We haven’t looked back since!

The reason for this? Well without going into tonnes of detail (feel free to do your own Google’ing on the subject, there’s plenty of info out there!)… pretty much all toothpastes, even the natural varieties, contain glycerin which coats our teeth. This supposedly stops food from causing decay. But, humans are meant to eat food and if we’re eating GOOD FOOD then we shouldn’t need a barrier up all day. Also food is nourishing for our teeth as it is the rest of our body, it actually helps strengthen them, not harm them. So by placing a glycerin barrier up all day we’re causing more harm than good to our pearly whites.

Because we’re so used to brushing our teeth to remove any bad breath smells, and to remove the furry feeling from food, we wanted to keep brushing but not let anything coat our teeth. And at this stage we were mostly paleo so we knew we were eating good food that humans are meant to be eating, therefore we were not at all worried about switching from a fluoride-free glycerin-filled conventional toothpaste tube over to a bar of soap.

And when you think of coconut oil, what comes to mind? Cleaning! It’s a natural cleaner and healer, so brushing with it has similar effects to oil pulling. Which by the way, neither of us can be bothered doing.

When we started using coconut oil soap we were shocked at how little we needed on our toothbrushes, because it froths up so much. Also, how quick it was to brush before our teeth felt all shiny and smooth. We were noticing these positives within the first few days, so we were sticking to this new thang!

Over the next two weeks Clint noticed plaque was actually coming off his teeth! With no effort at all, nothing unnatural, from just using this soap! He also realised he was no longer getting gingivitis. Which by the way I had no idea he was even getting! He’d thought it was totally normal all those years.

So the soap was removing his plaque build-up, stopping his bleeding gums, and… I myself noticed improvements too. My tooth aches all went away! Over the year and a half we’ve been using this soap, neither of us have had a single tooth ache again, bleeding gums, no new cavities, nothing bad at all! We feel our teeth have actually strengthened and improved!

AND to add to the already long list of amazing benefits of this… our teeth feel cleaner longer throughout the day, AND… it’s insanely cheap!!! Can it get any better!?! The bar we bought was about $5.50 at the time and it lasted us over a YEAR! So instead of paying $9+ on a tube of natural toothpaste every few months, we’re now paying next to nothing for something even better. Yay!

After a few months of our experiment we had mum onto it. She experienced the same results as us and also loves using her coconut soap on her teeth every day.

The only thing is, once you start, you can’t then go and use a glycerin toothpaste because it coats your teeth again for a long time. So we’ve actually not once used toothpaste, we take a little piece of our soap with us when we stay at other people’s houses or go camping. Just in a travel soap container. Easy!

We’re really excited because now we actually stock a pure coconut oil soap in the Primal Pantry! The Nuigini Organics for $3.25 per bar, usually retails for $3.95. Woo!


Niugini Organics Coconut Soap The Organic Store.1


So if you’ve been wanting to switch from using a nasty chemical-ridden toxic conventional toothpaste over to something natural and also beneficial, then this might be a good option for you! Remember though to check ingredients before using, you’re looking for a pure coconut oil soap, and if you have any kind of adverse reaction when using, stop immediately.

If you have tried this, or you do try this, please let us know how you go!

There are stacks of articles on the net talking about natural dental health for humans, how healthy our ancestors teeth were, what foods can help strengthen teeth, etc etc but if you can’t find anything just ask Clint, he’ll be happy to share the articles and info he’s come across.


Happy brushing!



5 things I’m grateful for today are:

1. Warm days and beach trips

2. Gelatin and all it’s done for my health

3. All our possessions and belongings

4. Being a heck of a lot healthier than I was 2 years ago

5. Offal meat, yum!


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