A pretty face but at what cost to health?

So us paleo peeps are pretty good at putting clean food INTO our body, right? But how ’bout what we feed our skin..?!

To us, paleo living isn’t just about food. How can one be healthy with food alone? They can’t. It’s about how we LIVE. So removing toxins from food and drink is one aspect to work on, but there are other aspects of living to consider.

Including what products we use around the house for cleaning with, and what products we use on our skin and in our hair.

Many people get good at paleo eating but are still using chemical-laden makeup and beauty products. Products that apparently contribute to cancer and lots of other nasty health problems.

Are you thinking “oh crap, that’s me”? It’s ok, don’t freak out! It’s easy to switch over from chemicals to natural. Take baby steps and you’ll get there 🙂

I’ve been transitioning over a few years and I think I’m pretty ok with the makeup side of things now, but I have to admit, I found it the hardest aspect of my life to switch around. Household products were easy and there’s been a good range on the market now for a while. But only recently have makeup options really starting taking off.

Some of what I use is literally ‘food for my face’ because some come from the kitchen pantry! If it’s safe enough to put INTO your bod, it’s safe enough to use externally.

I use olive oil as a face cleanser and as a leave-in curly hair de-frizz serum, we buy pure coconut and olive oil or tallow soaps for the shower, natural eco-friendly liquid soap for the basins, paleo tallow moisturiser for our skin (thank you Ecology Skincare, we love you!) or olive/coconut oil, my special homemade hair cleansing tablets for our hair, commercial natural sunscreens or coconut oil as sun protection, a homemade heat/muscle rub when we feel a bit stiff or sore, epsom salts/bicarb/lavender baths when we want a good soak, natural coconut oil and beeswax lip balms, a paleo-friendly natural deodorant that actually works all day (no way?! Yes way, really!) .. and I think that’s about it for what natural alternatives we use on our skin.

As I said before.. makeup has been my biggest challenge and definitely my weak point until recently! I’d love to not need to wear any at all of course, that’d be the ideal situation. But even though I’m in my 30’s I have skin issues and am just not comfortable going makeup free every day. My skin will get better as my chronic health problems get better and as I heal. But until then I want to cover up. And I want to do it naturally but I’ve found it really hard.

Why do I care so much about what’s in my makeup?

Because I’m already sick enough and I don’t want to get any worse! I want to live as naturally as possible and that means I care about what I put into my body and what I put onto it as well.

There are some seriously nasty and dangerous ingredients in skincare products, not just makeup. Check out some of the worst offenders here

Dr Mercola says “You Can Absorb MORE Toxins from Skin Care Products Than Food” – eek!

Some of you will remember I blogged about a natural foundation powder I was making at home using just cocoa, arrowroot and cinnamon. I really like that mixture for the cooler months, but in Summer, because it’s not super fine like store-bought powder I find it clumps a little when I sweat. I live in QLD, so I do sweat! So in the warmer months when I stopped using that on my face I was lazy and naughty and turned to using a commercial liquid foundation from the chemist. Not even Nude by Nature when is semi-okay.. a fully chemical-laden cheap brand. YUCK! What was I thinking?! When wearing it and my eyes watered for some reason (cutting onions, crying, sneezing etc) my eyes would sting straight away. For no other reason than the makeup was full of chemicals! I kid you not. My eyes never sting except for when I was wearing this foundation! That’s bad!

A couple of weeks ago I realised just how bad this was and finally switched back to a natural variety. I’ve started using the Claytime liquid foundation we stock in the Primal Pantry. And I LOVE it! I can honestly say it’s a joy to wear. It feels nice on my skin, it does not make my eyes sting, it blends with my skin tone really well and it even smells natural!


So I can tick foundation off my list. Now onto concealer…

We can’t get a Claytime concealer or I’d be using that. So I’ve turned to Eco Minerals, a brand I’ve used before and really liked. I grabbed a tube of medium concealer from The Maple Street Co-Op in Maleny this week and was instantly impressed with it. It matches my skin perfectly and feels really nice to use.

Tick concealer off my list. What else?

Eye shaddow I use some Nude by Nature and some Claytime. I prefer Claytime but I’ve bought Nude when I needed to save a few dollars. From now on it’ll be Claytime and other 100% safe brands though because I know Nude aren’t the best.

Blush is Claytime ‘strawberry’ which I adore, it’s such a nice shade.


Mascara, which is one of the worst makeups when you go conventional, so I now use Eco Minerals and when I run out I’ll go Claytime because I’ve read good reviews and I’m already very impressed with Claytime in general.


Eye liner… I do need to switch the brown pencil I use now which is conventional over to a natural alternative, so I’m on the hunt for something suitable.

And that’s about it! I’m definitely getting my makeup under control and feeling better about what I put on my skin in the morning.

I know you’re thinking “but what about the cost, isn’t natural makeup way more expensive?”.

And the answer is.. yes it is more expensive.. than the cheapest of cheap and nasty makeups. For sure. But compare to the ‘top brands’, the popular varieties that are apparently ‘better’ and you’ll find natural makeups are the same, if not cheaper. And I don’t know about you, but I’d rather spend a bit more money now on good quality, safe products, than later on for cancer treatment! If I can help it anyway. That’s the goal!

I’d love it if more people in the world became aware of what toxins and nasties were in the products they use on their skin and what negative effects they could be having on their health. I’d love it even more if some of those people switched over to natural and safe alternatives! Wouldn’t the world be a healthier place?!

Let’s make it happen!

Share this blog post with your friends and family and help spread the word!! It’s an important message that needs to reach as many people as possible.

I’d love to know… do you use natural makeup, if so, what brands do you find work for you?

Thanks for reading! And please remember to use new skin products with caution! Just because it’s natural doesn’t mean your skin will love it, you can still have allergic reactions so please seek medical advice if you have any adverse reactions to new products you use.


Aimee 🙂


5 Things I’m Grateful For:

1. Natural safe makeup!

2. An exciting new year ahead

3. Spending time with a friend and taking her to the forest and a nice cafe today for a play and catchup

4. You guys reading this!

5. Going fishing



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