The ultimate test for natural WotNot bio wipes…

… camping for 3 nights at a music festival!

If a natural product passes a 3-night camping trip to a dusty, dry, busy, hot country music festival then it must be pretty good!

We were lucky enough to go to CMC Rocks QLD last Friday – Monday at Willowbank and having anticipated long lines to the temporary shower blocks we knew it’d be a good idea to take some wipes so we could clean ourselves before bed without waiting in line forever. And so glad we did! The shower lines were long even at midday each day, because there were only a few blocks of 6 showers for thousands of campers.

We hadn’t used the WotNot brand of wipes before but were keen to give them a try over regular brands. Why? Because of all the nasty chemicals in the standard wipes you see in the shops (here’s just one of many articles on the subject).

We bought 2 packs of 20 wipes and only used one whole pack for the entire festival. We both wiped our totally dirt-covered feet at nights, our faces, our underarms, everywhere basically and they did a brilliant job. I like to feel clean before bed, even while camping, it’s just me.. and I definitely felt clean using these wipes.

We both give this product a double thumbs up and will definitely be using them for all future camping trips!

We also took natural bug spray which we didn’t even need to use, the Eco Logical sunscreen worked brilliantly as always (and we were out in the sun A LOT!) plus the organic choc mint bars we took were a nice treat!

Grab the wipes and other natural and organic goodies from the Primal Pantry here.

5 things I’m grateful for…
1. Going to CMC Rocks and having an absolute blast!
2. The terrific campground at CMC
3. Taking all paleo/primal foods and natural products
4. Magical experiences and fun adventures
5. Country music! lol

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