We chew the fat with Wattle Grove Organics!

We must admit, we receive some pretty neat packages being promoters of primal and natural living. We prefer to test products too before we promote them, so companies often offer to send us their goodies to try before we recommend others to buy. One of the coolest foods we’ve received would have to be the jars of organic chicken cracklings and fat from Wattle Grove Organics. I mean, really, what normal modern cave-person wouldn’t jump for joy at receiving a whole jar of CRISPY CHICKEN SKIN!!??!


And.. we may have eaten the whole jar in just one day… !! <guilty look> lol


Wouldn’t you have?! Sheesh! 😉


So anyway, when we tried the chicken fat products we absolutely loved them and knew we had to include them in our Primal Pantry catalogue. And because these are such new and unique products we wanted to give you guys some info about them and about the people who make them, so you have a better idea about what they actually are, what you can do with them and what their health benefits are as well.

We decided it’d be a good idea to “chew the fat” (lol, don’t you love that?!) with Jillaine Williams, a clinical Nutritionist and partner to Di East with Wattle Grove Organics…


AC :: We recently tried the chicken crackling you make… it was absolutely amazing (we may have eaten the whole jar within a few hours…!).. what was the inspiration behind creating it?

JW :: As a Nutritionist I was looking for a low carb, gluten free, high protein, high fat snack to help move people (esp kids on and off the spectrum) away from fast food refined snacks to a better option.
AC :: You provide chicken fat, crackling and beef tallow, where is the fat you used sourced from?

JW :: We source our beef from certified organic, free range, hormone/ growth promotent-free cattle. Mainly from NSW area. Our Chicken comes from Inglewood farms- again certified organic so that this product meets the stringent requirements of Australian Certified Organics ACO. We are looking to provide lard from similarly certified free ranging organically fed pigs.


AC ::  Your goodies are all organic, did you always want to provide organic and was it hard to do?

JW :: As a nutritionist and long-term member of Weston A Price foundation my passion has always been for clean small-scale sustainable and ethical foods. Yes it is quite a challenge to meet the requirements of ACO- I wouldn’t have it any other way.
AC :: We love on your Facebook page the name includes “bringing quality fat back”! What would you say to those still with the mindset of “fat is bad” ?

JW :: Why thank you 🙂
The vegetable oil industry together with big AGriculture has done a splendid job of demonising animal fats and saturated fats- however the research literature challenges this dogma and the harm done by our uptake of vegetable oils and grain-based carbohydrates is now evident.

Our Fat FAQs page has more information as does my recently published article ‘Bringing Traditional Food Back: Healthy Fats & Oils & the Consequences of a Low Fat Diet’ Published in Great Health Guide on-line mag.

AC :: Finally, please share some of your tips on using your delicious fats and maybe even a favourite healthy recipe our readers can have a go at making.

JW :: Sure!
Beef fat is great for deep frying or bar-b-q. It is the most stable at higher temperatures (unlike vegetable oils or olive oil which are less saturated). Flavours which go beautifully with tallow are rosemary or thyme or sage. I love to fry seaweed- either wakame or nori- sprinkle with a little salt for crunchy nourishing snack or sprinkle for you veg/ salad.

Chicken fat or schmaltz is less saturated- to fry add a little ground turmeric to the pan as the fat is heating. Lovely with ginger, garlic added to cook marinated pork or chicken or fish. Chicken fat is also great for curries- heat your turmeric and organic curry spices before adding lots of veg and a little meat and coconut milk or cashew paste.
The cracklings are great straight from the jar as a snack or you might like to warm them and sprinkle over your main meal or add a crunch to your salad.
Beef and rosemary cracklings (coming soon) are great with a cold organic beer.

Jillaine Williams is a clinical nutritionist and partner in Wattle Grove Organics. Jillaine earned her degree in Health Science from the Endeavour College of Natural Medicine and has since been in clinical practice for the past 8 years. Having completed her degree she then travelled to Europe to expand her knowledge of culinary traditions and to further investigate the “French Paradox” wherein rich, luscious foods have long been associated with resilient health and beauty. Post-graduate courses include GAPS (Gut & Psychology Syndrome), ACNEM (Australian College of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine), MINDD (MAPS Medical Academy of Pediatrics Special Needs) and BioBalance training. She is well versed in the Cutler chelation protocol, Healing Codes method and Kelley/ Gonzales Cancer protocols. She is a long-term member of the Weston Price foundation and has completed her NutriGENOMICS course with Dr B Lynch.


Yay, thanks Jillaine! We love how passionate you guys are about quality! We’re so excited to have these goodies in our catalogue now for others to enjoy!

Aimee & Clint



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