Goal setting: time to re-think how it’s done

be brave and create your future

Taking time and making plans for the future is something I recommend everyone does, but since undertaking my journey of self-exploration over the last few months I have started to question the way we set goals.


Goal setting is something I’ve done on and off for a while now with mixed results, but like a lot of things I am looking into and re-assessing, I want to find the best way to achieve things that works for me.  I’ve needed to find a way that really resonates with me, not a way to do it that is just the way everybody else does it or seems to be the most popular on social media.


And I think I’ve found the way for me; I feel now that how I’m approaching 2016 will allow me to achieve all I want and desire in life.


To me, a goal seems to be something I’m working towards, something I wish to have, or something I want to achieve in the future. Goal setting puts me in the frame of mind of “one day I will…”, or “I must work hard to achieve my goals” and this just doesn’t feel right for me.


So this year I’m trying something different.  Instead of writing down my future goals, I have written out what is going to happen this year.  These are my beliefs, my will, and indeed things I feel very strongly about.


The good thing about beliefs is that things will often happen around us to reinforce them as true, thus creating a reality around us.  As opposed to goals which always seem be future-bound, not current.


For example, if you believe there’s a lot of hate in the world you’ll see more and more hate happening around you, in the media etc.  If you believe there aren’t enough resources (money, fuel, food etc) in the world, you’ll see a world that is lacking.


Alternatively, if you believe there are a lot of genuine and friendly people in the world you’ll find you come across them more often.  Do you see my point?

We are what we believe - text on a vintage slate blackboard

Our reality is dictated by our beliefs.  So I’m going to use my belief system to make what I want a reality.  I’ve written a list of things that will happen for me in my personal life, for the business and together with Aimee in 2016. I’ll read over these beliefs often to reinforce each one.  I’ll look for evidence around me to show that my beliefs are true and I’ll also edit, change and delete my list of expectations if they no longer serve me.


Will this work?  I believe so.  In fact, the only thing that’ll interfere with making my reality happen is my beliefs.


Now I need to take the time to do some self-work and enjoy my journey of personal discovery and achievements.


If you’re ready make the reality you want actually happen you might like to start examining your current thoughts, beliefs and inner talk. Identify those that aren’t serving you well and that are holding you back and re-word or adjust them to be positive and that will reflect what will happen for you.


Whatever way you go about planning your future I believe that 2016 will be your biggest and brightest yet!




5 Things I’m Grateful For:

  1. Fun over Christmas and New Year’s
  2. Meeting new people
  3. Being able to share my ideas with the world
  4. Fishing
  5. Good books

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