Aimee reviews the gorgeous Merrymaker Sisters ebook!

I read a lot of ebooks. I like learning about social media, as well as paleo and primal health and fitness so I’ve registered to lots of e-newsletters and have received many e-books over the last few years. Plus I’m always on the hunt for awesome new recipes to add to my already-mammoth recipe bank!

But only occasionally does an ebook appear in my Inbox that fully captures my attention, makes me actually want to read all the way through and that I really enjoy…

.. and this one definitely did that! The lovely Carla and Emma Papas – AKA The Merrymaker Sisters – recently invited me to read their e-book to review and after following them on social media for a long time now and loving what they’re all about, I totally jumped at the chance!

First of all I was drawn in by the friendliness that instantly came through as I looked at the first couple of pages. Straight way I got a sense of the girl’s personalities and wanted to continue reading and get to know them better.


This e-book includes stacks of valuable info including:

– what paleo actually is

– how to shop confidently and successfully for paleo ingredients

– an abundance of recipes covering brekkie, lunch, dinner, drinks and yummy sweet treats

– with lots of neat little tips and tricks throughout!


merrymaker ebook


And it’s all displayed in a fun and bubbly way, it’s all easy to read and follow, it’s simple and do-able, and in my opinion, whether you’re new to paleo or an old pro, you’ll definitely get something out of it.

I love that the recipes include prep time AND cooking time! A lot don’t, but these gals have set them out clearly and with plenty of info to ensure your attempt turns out as well as what’s in the photos!

I get hungry every time I look through it, the food just looks amazing! There are some really unique and original ideas in there as well, like Shepherd’s Pie in a Capsicum! How cool is that?!


This is the first of 3 e-books the girls are creating and that makes me very happy! To know more awesomeness is on the way… YAY!

And.. I’m excited for another reason.. I’ll get to meet these gals in October at Cave Camp QLD!    Can. Not. Wait.!! If in person they’re anything like they are over the net and in their ebook I know I’m going to get along super well with them 🙂


So basically my take on  ‘Let’s Eat Paleo’ is its a really fun and interesting ebook, that’s easy to read, full of a variety of recipes for just about any occasion, it’s set out well and just scrolling through it creates as instant drool effect!

If you’d like to get your hands on this terrific read just click here!


1merrymaker ebook


Thanks for reading my review and I hope you enjoy the ebook as much as I did!

-Aimee x


5 Things I’m Grateful for Today:

1. The wonderful paleo/primal/natural health network in Australia and being a part of it

2. Yummy healthy paleo foods

3. My neighbour letting me use his washing machine while ours is broken!

4. Strawberries ripening up outside in my hanging gutter garden – first of the season!

5. Spending time in Kenilworth last weekend with Clint, we had a beautiful afternoon in the country